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Some facts and figures:

Here are a few pieces of information - food for thought!


DRIVING is now the most dangerous activity in the workplace...

66% of company cars are subject to insurance claims…

30% of deaths and serious injuries on the road happen to people driving during work…

SOMEONE in a crash is four times as likely to be involved in another one in the next year…

MOST common collision is a rear end shunt – 1/3 of all accidents…


Defensive Driving explained...
Most people have heard of Advanced Driving but not Defensive Driving. The rationale behind Defensive Driving is that nearly all crashes are avoidable.


Defensive Driving involves on-road driver training. This is in turn measured in terms of risk. Many drivers have bad habits some of which they are aware of and others they are not. Some of these habits are a potential risk. The aim of the risk assessment is to identify and deal with potential risks. This is a pro-active approach rather than crisis management. Generally speaking risk assessment and training is a normal part of business culture. By enlarge driver training is overlooked by many organisations who otherwise operate risk assessment and training in other areas. For the average person they are more likely to be seriously injured in a road traffic accident rather than any other industrial injury.
At Fleet-Wise we use the three 'A's - Attitude, Awareness and Ability. A Defensive Driving mentality is to identify risks early and manage them effectively. The old adage 'Prevention is Better than Cure' - it could be a word in season.
Unfortunately the average motorist does not posses the necessary Defensive Driving skills. It's not just about car control (Ability) it's also about a developed sense of awareness and a responsible attitude.


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