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As a manager you have to prioritise and manage your budget to include all aspects of your drivers and vehicles - let us assist you in this task!


Another word for Defensive is Avoidance. It is said that around 95% of crashes are avoidable. Most people do not intentionally get involved in a road traffic accident.

Fleet-Wise deliver Defensive Driving Courses as opposed to Advanced Driving. Although there are lots of similarities between the two but Defensive Courses focus more on Risk Assessment and Accident Reduction. After passing a driving test only a few people then go on and do further driver development. Having regular assessment and training is hugely beneficial to all types of drivers. As well as drivers of cars this also includes vans, coaches, minibuses and trucks.

Health & Safety Executive Publication


Here is a link to the HSE web site which explains the regulations in more detail.


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a structured approach to road safety...
Driver training is not a one off but requires ongoing risk assessment. A structured process means an ongoing system of on-road risk assessment, recording results and periodic assessment.


Any company or organisation who have employees who drive as part of their job are required to provide on road training to reduce occupational road risk. Let Fleet-Wise help you work out a training program for your drivers. We are a small company so we can offer professional fleet training at sensible rates.

It is a proven fact that training helps to reduce insurance premiums, running costs and personal injury.

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Legal requirement

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for companies to provide driver training for all their employees who do any driving which is work related?

A few quotes from the HSE publication 'Driving at work'

Employers with five or more employees are required to record the significant findings of their risk assessment.

You need to be able to show that:
■ a proper check was made;
■ you consulted those who might be affected;
■ you dealt with all the obvious hazards.


Moral Issue

In line with best practice it is preferable to offer some form of on road driver assessment and training. Even if it were not a requirement as set out by the HSE, businesses would benefit if they provided some form of fleet training.
A lot of workers are under stress in one way or another. This is often seen in the manner by which people drive. If it was possible to monitor driver stress levels or blood pressure then I'm sure that quite often levels would be too high! Stress and risk reduction are linked together. With input and guidance it is possible to help your drivers adopt a professional and calm style of driving.


Financial benefits

There are many financial benefits to be had from driver training. It is helpful to remember a company's main asset is it's staff.
Less repairs and maintenance.
It is a proven fact that investment in fleet training can reduce running costs significantly.
Reduced paper-work dealing with claims. Even a small amount of damage can take lots of time to resolve let alone a more serious one.
Lost hours due to to injury.
Finding a temporary replacement for skilled staff and training them will affect business. Others having to cover and in turn experiencing increased work loads.
Cheaper insurance. Insurance premiums can go through the roof if not addressed.

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